Commercial Photographer based in Portland, Oregon


Hi, I’m Andrew.

I’m a photographer, artist, adventurer. I love to create and travel.

By profession I’m a commercial photographer. That means I work with businesses and clients of all sizes, helping them to create captivating photography for their brand. My approach is simple and minimal. I like to capture the raw feeling in each product and portrait I photograph. In my work, every angle, every light, every retouch is carefully thought out to maintain a natural and realistic look. I believe that less is more and that we should embrace the imperfections that make life unique. I have a passion for my craft and I love working with professionals who have a passion for theirs!

When I’m not working with brands, I’m traveling, writing, hiking, exploring. You’ll often find me out in nature photographing unique landscapes, or documenting unique ways of life.


Some brands I’ve had the pleasure to work with…


Wells Fargo Advisors

US Bank


John L. Scott



ACT-ON Software

Urban Solar

Verizon Wireless

Bridgetown Trucking