Professional headshots are a great investment for your career. Make sure you get the most out of your investment by considering these suggested tips to help you prepare for your session.



Get plenty of rest the night before your shoot. Being well rested will not only make you feel refreshed, you’ll look refreshed, too!


Eat Healthy

Eat a healthy breakfast and/or lunch prior to your session. Try to stay away from greasy, fatty foods. This will make sure you feel great and have sufficient energy levels throughout your shoot.

Consider this: Bring a power snack to give you an energy boost if you need one (nuts, granola, energy bar, whiskey, etc).



Drink plenty of water during the days leading up to your shoot. Hydration will help keep your skin looking healthy and natural.

Consider this: Bring a bottle of water with you so you can hydrate as needed, especially during summer months.


Hair Do’s

If you are planning to get your hair trimmed, restyled or planning any drastic changes to your appearance, we recommend that you do this at least (1) week before your shoot. New styles and fresh haircuts will need a little time to fill in before you are camera ready.

Joke: What is the difference between a good hair cut and a bad haircut? (One week)

What to bring: Comb, hairbrush, hairspray or any other hair care products you typically use. You may need to touchup during your shoot.



Doing your own makeup? Keep your makeup and style simple. Try not to get too adventurous with your look unless that is your usual style. A little makeup can go a long way in a portrait. Remember, we are going for a professional and natural look.

What to bring: Extra makeup in case you need any touch ups during your shoot.

Hiring our makeup artist? Follow your normal makeup and grooming routine the day of your shoot. This will give our stylist a starting point for your typical look, then they will make you camera ready from there.


Male Grooming

Its best to shave or do any beard trimming the morning of your shoot. Take your time when shaving to limit any razor burn or cuts. If you plan on getting a haircut, we recommend that you do this at least (1) week before your shoot. Fresh haircuts will need a little time to fill in before you are camera ready.


What TO Wear

Clothing with solid, neutral colors are the best choice for a professional headshot. The main focus will be on your eyes and face, so make sure that your clothing choices don’t draw attention away from this. Also, keep in mind clothing choices that complement your skin tones.

Layering clothing is a great way to achieve multiple looks without the need to change while on location. Scarves, sweaters, suits or other jackets, and even glasses.

Consider this: Bring a couple of your best shirt, tie or jacket options and we can look over it together to decide what will work best.


What NOT to Wear

Stay away from busy patterns, large logos and overly bright clothing. Bright color choices can reflect unwanted color onto your face. Reconsider accessories or jewelry that is distracting in shape or color. Remember, the focus is on you so let’s keep it simple.


Outdoor Shoots

Wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Usually we will need to walk around our location to find great backdrops and lighting. You can always change your shoes for full body shots once we reach the shoot location.

The weather in Portland, Oregon can be unpredictable, so bring proper outdoor attire for the weather (jacket, umbrella, etc.).


Practice Your Look

Take some extra time in front of the mirror to practice the look you want. Move your face in different positions and note the subtle changes of angles and light. Slightly turn your face side to side, chin up/down, wide eyes/focused eyes, push your nose forward/back, laugh/smile/smirk/stoic. This exercise will not only give you a visual of what the camera sees, but it will also help you better understand the direction we will give during your shoot.


Most Important…

Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. You know what you look good in, so wear it! If you are confident in how you look, that confidence will come through in your headshots.

Confidence and preparation are the key to capturing great headshots. Come prepared to have some fun and we’ll get some great headshots with the time we have!