Commercial Photography Pricing

We provide commercial photography services for companies large and small. Project start pricing is for general business use including print and website marketing, social media, and local advertising.


Studio Product Photography

A studio setting gives us the most control over how your end product will look. You can bring your products to our private studio in NE Portland, or we can come setup on-location at your place of business.

Local projects start at $800 and up…


Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle photography is what shows the unique ways to use your product and the people who use them. The world is our studio. We will collaborate with your team to decide locations and overall concepts that showcase your product best.

Local projects start at $1,500 and up…


Branding Photography

This is similar to lifestyle product photography, but doesn’t focus on a specific product and it’s use. Branding photography focuses more on interactions and the overall story you want to tell your clients about what you do.

Local projects start at $1,500 and up…